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Calling Heart-Centered

Women Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to expand your talents and gifts, create a legacy, and make a greater impact in the world?

I help Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Leaders and CEOs step onto a path that leads to evolutionary and energetic up-leveling in their life.

If you are here, then you are a successful leader ready to embody and express your purpose and full potential.

Life is meant to be a joyful journey, expressing your divine blueprint, soul gifts and radiant essence. Are you ready to create a life on your own terms?

Be Bold & Dream Mastermind

1 month Can Change Everything

Next Cohort Launches

June 2024

A special place for women to LevelUp together! We will come together to Learn, Transform, Connect, and Co-Create your next level of business and personal success.

Join an intimate, elite group of established women entrepreneurs & business owners who are on a mission to create a legacy & impact and rise to their highest potential.

This Mastermind is all about the 3 pillars that allow our businesses and lives to flourish and flow

-  Entrepreneurship, Abundance, and Intuition

Watch to learn more about this Mastermind?

Get in touch today and see what this Mastermind can offer you.

Igniting Your Heart

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Igniting Love

It's your time, your path.

Embark on a profound journey with HeartBlaze: Igniting the Flame of Unconditional Love and Transformative Wisdom.


Discover the soothing union of mind, body, and spirit as you dive into a narrative that immerses your senses in love’s warmth.


Through Mary Helen’s transformative insights, embrace innovation, collaboration, and co-creation. Guided by intuition, explore realms of deep wisdom and inner serenity.


Unfold your story, discover your true essence, and be guided on the path to harness your true potential with HeartBlaze as your guide. 

Soon to be released

Unlocking the Knowledge Within

Dear Younger Self Mary Helen Gervais Author book cover.jpg

Nurturing the Now

#1 International Bestseller

You are the one who gives meaning to what happens in your life. You don't own events or their reasons. You own what you do with them.

Dear Younger Self shows you how to draw on your past experiences and transform them into powerful measures that will put you in charge of what happens next.

Reflecting on life allows you to dream bigger than ever before.

Mary's own life experiences offer examples of how dreaming big jump starts living an abundant, healthy and joy-filled life.

Tap into your greatest gifts

Your Heart Knows the Way

#1 International Bestseller

This book is for you if you are looking for inspiration for your own life. Join me and 29 other women as we share our stories of how we found the courage to dream, to take brave action, and to create a life of inspiration and joy.

You will see in these stories, going after a dream is not for the faint of heart and often requires radical bravery, courage, and self-trust!

May these stories inspire you to take brave action, activate your own courage and strengthen your own self trust to create whatever it is that brings you joy in your life!

Women who Dream Mary Helen Gervais Author book cover.jpg

My Clients say...

Mary Gervais is an intelligent, resourceful, energetic, positive, and motivating mentor for me as a new business owner.

I started a year ago getting my own business off the ground. As it was my first business, Mary was instrumental at every step in the process. Mary was a huge wealth of information, challenged me, and guided me in the right direction.

Mary is organized and extremely proficient in all that she does.

Ocean State Pickleball is where it is today because of the generous help, mentorship, and wisdom of Mary Gervais.

Kara B, Rhode Island

Mary Helen Gervais

Hi, I'm Mary Helen

Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Intuitive Strategist

I'm a guide in co-creation, who is passionate about helping women expand their own gifts to create a legacy and make a greater impact in the world. Amazing things happen when we co-create.

I thrive on the energy that innovation and untapped potential generates. As an entrepreneur, strategist, coach, and podcast co-host of The Synergy Sisters, manifesting is a big part of my life. Holding space for creation and action is powerful.

Collaborating with business owners and digital entrepreneurs who really want to level up excites me. 

Using the pillars of entrepreneurship, financial independence and intuition, I introduce and guide others with practical, easy-to-implement tools and strategies that generate results.

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