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HeartBlaze Meditations Course

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I’m Mary Helen, your guide on this transformative journey through the enchanting realms of Faery. In this course, we will explore the seven directions of the Faery Star - North, South, West, East, Within, Below, and Above. Each direction corresponds to a section in the HeartBlaze book, guiding you towards awakening, growth, and insight. These meditations are crafted to help you connect with the divine energy within you, unlocking the sacred channels of love, wisdom, and transformation. They stand alone beautifully, even if you have not purchased the book. You can listen to them directly from this site or download them to your favorite device for offline enjoyment. I invite you to join me on a journey where the energy within us propels us towards greater awareness and achievement along our life’s path. Our meditation course includes 90 minutes of guided meditation.  #1) Openness (North) #2) Community (West) #3) Imagination (Within)  #4) Versatility & Imagination (Within) #5) Unique Perspectives (South) #6) New Paradigms (Below)  #7) Abundance (Above) #8) Focus & Momentum (East) Plus 3 Bonus Meditations A Golden Moment Angelic Melody Unlock Your Potential for Joy, Inner Transformation, and Innovation Instructions: 1. When you click to enroll, you will first be asked to sign up with your email and a password. (Please note: If you currently have a account, you will use your current login here.) This will create your member account, granting you convenient access to the content. 2. You will then be directed to the payment screen. 3. To access your program, click on the Login button found at the far right of the menu at the top of the website. Your name will appear upon login, and you can click on My Programs.

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