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"HeartBlaze" Journey
Book & Course
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Welcome to the HeartBlaze Journey


Mary Helen Gervais, a #1 International Best-Selling Author, invites you on a transformative journey with her latest book, HeartBlaze: Igniting the Flame of Unconditional Love and Transformative Wisdom.

Explore the Book:

Embark on a profound journey and discover the soothing union of mind, body, and spirit. Dive into a narrative enriched with warmth, exploring the power of unconditional love through Mary Helen's transformative insights. This book is a guide to achieving balance through wisdom, innovation, and unconditional love, enhancing your personal and collective growth.

Key Highlights:

  • Innovate and Collaborate: Engage in the art of co-creation, guided by intuition and the deep wisdom found within the pages.

  • Personal Growth: Unfold your story, discover your true essence, and harness your full potential with HeartBlaze guiding your path.

Purchase Your Copy Here:

HeartBlaze is also available outside the US.

Get your copy from the following links:

HeartBlaze Meditation Course

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Dive Deeper with the HeartBlaze Meditation Course:


Are you ready to deepen your journey into joy, inner transformation, and innovation?


Whether as a standalone experience or a complement to the HeartBlaze book, the HeartBlaze Meditation Course is designed to open your heart, enhance your intuition, and unlock new networks and opportunities. Enroll now and transform your life:

Let’s champion the power of individual transformation and collective innovation through the lens of unconditional love.

Our meditation course includes 90 minutes of guided meditation. 
#1) Openness (North)
#2) Community (West)
#3) Imagination (Within) 
#4) Versatility & Imagination (Within)
#5) Unique Perspectives (South)
#6) New Paradigms (Below) 
#7) Abundance (Above)
#8) Focus & Momentum (East)

 Plus 3 Bonus Meditations
A Golden Moment
Angelic Melody
Unlock Your Potential for Joy, Inner Transformation, and Innovation

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HeartBlaze Book & Meditation Course Offer Download PDF

How Trusting Intuition Brought about the HeartBlaze Book and Course

Kate Butler talks with Mary Helen on the experience and journey of HeartBlaze, how the book came about, and how it changes you at the deepest levels as you open up to unconditional love. 

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