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Envision Mastermind

September 2022

Join an elite group of established women entrepreneurs & business owners who are on a mission to create a legacy & impact and rise to their highest potential.

This Mastermind is all about the 3 pillars that I believe allow our businesses and lives to flourish and flow

-  Entrepreneurship, Financial Independence, and Intuition

Feel: a rush of electric energy from the sense of adventure, personal challenge & up-leveling

Journey: raw & real. Dig deep…experience vulnerability, peace, and euphoria as you envision and move toward your next big idea

Self-Discovery: shine a light on your unique gifts and gain deeper knowledge into the cavern of your heart. As you emerge at the intersection of past & future, you'll embody your essence, boldness, happiness & alignment

Vision: listen to your heart, trust, and co-create...that’s where innovation takes place

Want to learn more about this Mastermind? Get in touch today and see what this Mastermind can offer you.

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