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Heart Blaze: Transformative Wisdom For Entrepreneurs

How do you harness your inner voice and transform it into a force for entrepreneurial success? On this episode of Beyond Common Business Secrets, Tracey Watts Cirino

welcomes Mary Helen Gervais, a powerhouse serial entrepreneur and master connector, who shares her fascinating journey from running a bakery cafe in Washington, DC, to leading the Women's Business Center in Rhode Island.

Mary reveals her passion for baking and how it evolved into a mission to empower women entrepreneurs. She also discusses her latest book, "Heart Blaze: Igniting the Flame of Unconditional Love and Transformative Wisdom," and the profound impact it has had on her life and the lives of others.

You'll learn about the role of intuition, spiritual insight, and holistic wellness in achieving business growth and innovation. Mary provides actionable insights on aligning with one's journey, recognizing challenges as lessons, and the importance of self-love. Don't miss this episode filled with wisdom, heartfelt connections, and practical tips for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs looking to unlock their full potential.


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